Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy Wednesday!

Happiest of Wednesdays to everyone.

We live in the future: Obviously the robot that went to Mars, couldn't very well leave that off.

We live in the future: At the office yesterday the boss said we need to get an updated copy of a paper map we have had around the office. The map in question is a US map showing the official media markets put out by the Nielsen ratings company, so I called them up. I got connected to a robot and thought "of course", but how amazing is it that I was communicating with a robot in order to narrow down my request. Then I ran out of things the robot was able to help me with and the phone rang once. Five seconds after indicating that it was time for a human to help me, I was connected and speaking with another human being. Specifically, I was talking to a man in India (judging by the very thick accent), meaning that I was communicating with a man on the other side of the planet, fast enough that I was unable to detect the transit time (though I wasn't really looking for it). This means that a signal was either A) going through a series of wires that ran to the opposite end of the earth or B) going to a wireless station and being beamed into space, bounced off the upper layers of the atmosphere, beamed back down to a station on the other side of the planet and then going to the call center, or some combination of the two. 

All this to request that a man on the other side of the planet send me a picture of my own country, a place he may never see in his life,with little squiggly lines drawn on it to aid me in drawing squiggly lines on pictures of tiny parts of the country that I may very well never see in my lifetime.

Five hundred years ago it was the unique privilege of nobility to shit in a bucket instead of a hole in the ground.

This is worth watching to the very end. Only four minutes and totally worth it.

This band makes me extremely happy. Yes, they sing about dragons and over the top fantasy cliches, but that is a chunk of what makes them amazing. That and the new vocalist (the blond nordic looking fellow). 

Well, that and the fact that their guitarist, Herman Li, is ungodly fast.

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