Friday, August 24, 2012


I have been thinking about what I have been writing, and I have come to the conclusion that I am really bad at thinking clearly about big thoughts, and don't particularly enjoy writing about them. Therefore I will no longer be devoting Sundays to big thoughts, and am retiring the Sunday Sermon tag. I may replace it with something else. I may post thoughts on Sunday.

I am largely neutral to the links posts, since I am reading them anyway. I find that, when keeping in mind that I am looking for links to post, patterns emerge. I may organize future links posts around themes.

I will continue to celebrate Happy Wednesday, though I will make an effort not to over think things quite as much.

I have tremendously enjoyed writing the wanderer, in large part because I don't know where he is going. Oh, I certainly have a grand plan, a few places for him to hit, and an plan for where he will arrive at when he goes far enough west (and the seed of an idea for the place beyond that), but the wanderer will not get there any time soon. Going from town to town is enough for the moment, with each town being unpredictable. Unlike my previous writing projects which I have meticulously planned out, I start each wanderer tale with the title and go on from there. I had no idea that there would be a dragon last week until I started writing last Thursday. As I write this now I am halfway through part 2 of the dragon arc and do not know A) if the knight will survive, B) if the dragon will survive, C) whether the arc will continue for one, two, three, or possibly as many as four more weeks. I have vague notions of plot for all these possibilities, depending on how things stand at the end of this episode, which I won't know until I finish it Saturday night. This does wonders for keeping the plot fresh.

Lest you worry, my habit of over-planning has ensured that the wanderer has a tremendously detailed back-story, almost none of which will ever be related here. The world is vast, with intricate and varied history and geography, none of which will ever appear while the wanderer walks the east-west road. The only spoiler I will give out is that soylent green is made of people.

I will continue posting photos on Friday, because it really does take me two days to write the wanderer.

As always, I guarantee nothing.

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