Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Links

You learn something new everyday. I had never heard anything but bad things about circumcision, with opponents typically writing it off as religious barbarism. That said, while it seems that the risks are wildly overblown, I am not seeing a great deal about non-religious benefits other than vague "reduced risk" statements. Oh, well. That's quite enough of that.

Speaking of religion, I was speaking with someone (who will remain anonymous) recently and they were telling me about their religion (a fairly mild Protestantism) and I realized that they had no idea what their religion looked like to someone who didn't already agree with them. So here I provide a few things:

This may become a continuing theme.

  • Life is like pankration, the ancient Greek sport of no-rules brawling. It doesn't come with rules, just observations about what works and what hurts. That doesn't mean we can't impose rules from the outside, like "Don't kill children", but we have to recognize that ethics is artificial.
  • Pretty funny, though not intentionally. Slashdot bills itself as "News for Nerds" and asks its readers to figure out how to explain RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons to non-nerd friends and relatives. They don't do very well.
  • I am of the opinion that government should not recognize any marriage. This article has not changed my mind, but my certainty has vastly diminished.
  • This might be the next toy I buy. I remain skeptical after the disaster that was Microsoft Kinect, but also hopeful. If I am really lucky, it will come with a free Robert Downey, Jr.
  • Another article pushing me towards voting for Romney. A sample:
"Some Occupy Wall Street types, believing it to be the height of wit, have begun to spell Romney’s name “Rmoney.” But Romney can do better than that — put it in all caps: R-MONEY. Jay-Z can keep his puny little lowercase letters and the Maybach: R-MONEY doesn’t own a flashy car with rims, R-MONEY does billion-dollar deals with Keystone Automotive and Delphi. You want to make it rain? R-MONEY is going to make it storm, like biblical. Rappers boast about their fat stacks: R-MONEY’s fat stacks live in a beachfront house of their own in the Hamptons, and the bricks in that house are made from tightly bound hundred-dollar bills. You have a ton of money? R-MONEY has 200 metric tons of money if he decides to keep it in cash."

Finally (for today), things all economists agree upon:

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