Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Opening Post

This blog begins on Happy Wednesday, August 1st, 2012.

Since this is the first post, no one will ever read this.

Thusly and therefore I will, forthwith layout the plan for the blog.

The goal of this blog is to write. I judge myself to be a mediocre writer and the only way to become a better writer is to write more. Hopefully, writing on a blog and being accountable to millions of daily viewers (or at least being able to imagine such acconutability) will keep me from doing what I have always done, i.e. given up after I get bored and before blogging becomes an ingrained habit.

The primary posting goal is to have the Saturday and Sunday features every week. Daily themes will be followed until I come up with better themes, give up on themes in favor of a tightly focused blog, give up on themes in favor of a more free-form production, or get bored and quit blogging altogether.

The Schedule, for the moment:

Saturday: Fiction. One chapter of the continuing story of the wanderer will appear ever Saturday.

Sunday: Sermon. One long form discussion analyzing a thing in as much depth as possible.

Monday: Miscellaneous. A week worth of links with comments.

Tuesday: Sadness. There exist terrible things in this world, and it would be wrong to simply forget them. This may just be a link, and it may be comments. If I do not post one in a given week it is probably because I am in no mood for sadness, not because I have failed to find anything sad. Expect a lot of Agitator links.

Happy Wednesday: In the spirit of Happy Wednesday, at least 1 (one) happy article and 1 (one) happy YouTube video will appear. (Unrelated-- the Google Spellchecker did not like "youtube" and insisted I replace it with the camel-case version you see in the previous sentence.)

Thursday: Law. Why? Because I can, and because my previous blog (shuttered many moons ago) was about pending legislation. Legislative round-ups for now, may change as time goes by.

Friday: A Picture. The world around me is absolutely beautiful and I have a camera on my telephone, but I never take any pictures. Hopefully this will spur me on. Warning: If I ever get a cat, this will become a daily feature.

I guarantee nothing.

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