Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday Links

To continue a theme from yesterday:

File the following under "miscellaneous":
  • Here is a story that is both important and under-reported.
  • Here is a story that is completely unimportant. I find it interesting that Nintendo's crime does not seem to be actively sourcing from war-torn regions, but simply that they don't seem to care one way or the other.
  • Two people (the author and the reviewer) mistake their personal preferences for universal truth. Also, why is everyone so down on purely consumptive leisure? I think it is great.
  • Partisanship!
  • Partisanship!
  • Bi-partisanship!
  • This person is exactly wrong. Government funding of science and arts should be cut, because it is not a proper function of the US Government, but since science so closely approximates a public good (neither exclusive nor rivalrous), it should be the last thing cut. Further, it is pure, arrogant, partisan rent-seeking to suggest that we shouldn't cut these programs because they fund people we agree with. 
  • Seen and unseen. It turns out that politicians are really good at over-selling and under-delivering!
  • An ongoing debate about the merits of Bastiat brings us this quote, "Effort without result no longer seems to me so desirable as result without effort." I am continually surprised by the number of people who seem to have never had this thought.
  • Three posts (1, 2, 3, all are short, all are very good) motivated by the proposition that central planning in the Soviet Union was not ideologically driven. They show that central planning is an ancient tool of tyrants predating Marxism and they imply that the Soviet Union would have had central planning in the absence of Marxism. My thought is that while you can have planning without Marxism, you can't really have Marxism without planning, and the foundational idea of the USSR was not planning, which then gave rise to Marxism, but rather Marxism, which then necessitated planning. Interesting nonetheless.
  • Presented without comment.
  • Presented without comment.
Was going to put this up for Happy Wednesday, but I will put it up now instead because the music isn't actually that good, just the juxtaposition. There is no need to watch more than about 30 seconds if you don't like the band Slayer (I don't).

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