Sunday, September 16, 2012

Geico and Lies

I feel like there must be something noteworthy going on at the GEICO ad department, because I am not sure that I have ever seen a company with so many different ad campaigns running all at once for a general audience. Now, I know that many companies will have different campaigns for young people and for Spanish speaking audiences and whatnot, but the GEICO ads all go out on TV together.

Anyway, for my the typical difference between GEICO ads is that there are some that are witty the first time I see them and then become irritating the next thousand times I see them on Hulu, and then there are some that skip the witty stage. This one, however, while not the funniest, is one of the best ads on TV (or at least, one of the best on Hulu. Haven't watched live TV since I moved out of my parent's house).

Also, I was throwing things out to clean off my counter for the week and I noticed the packaging for one of the cat toys I bought for Charlemagne. On the back it features quotes by cats endorsing the product. Every one of those quotes is Made Up. Still, if you are going to make shit up, I was amazed by how bland the endorsements were. Perhaps the people who made the label knew what they were doing, but I suspect instead that they are just stupid.

More the the point, the section featuring the endorsements (all of which were Lies. Cats cannot talk) (or write) (or otherwise communicate complex thoughts intelligibly) was called Cat-imonials. I take it that the writers of these lies were attempting to draw a parallel between testimonials, except with cats. but this doesn't work, because if Cat-imonial was a legitimate metaphor then testamonials could only be given by tests, or perhaps people named "Test" or perhaps a hitherto unknown race of test-beings, or something.

But anyway the point is that the packaging is dumb.

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