Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Links

Super Awesome changes occurring IRL. Details tomorrow with any luck, but suffice it to say that while the wanderer will continue to reach a new town every Saturday (and sometimes Sunday), I will not be able to guarantee continuous posting here, especially as work will really start to heat up just as I get settled in from the new change.

  • I would vote for Obama if he gave this speech.
  • The first petition to the President that I have signed. I will give him mad props if he does this.
  • This sentiment is destroying the Republic.
  • A tale of government destroying a thriving industry, retro edition.
  • The perils of handing state government power to institute regulations equally binding on everyone.
  • The perils of handing local governments the power of discretion. Perhaps this is abuse, but a police force interested in nothing but violent crimes would not have done this.
  • I had a similar assessment of Whole Foods. Mine theory is that what they are selling is the ability to feel that you alone are in that store for a good purpose and everyone else is either a dirty hippy or a poseur.
  • Another casualty in the war on drugs, a real, bloody war against the American people.
  • Yes, this is the military, but it should serve to show that the absolute last thing we want is for the military to have any more power than it already does. (To clarify- This guy is a terrorist and should be punished, but cutting up his face is not impersonal, judicious punishment, it is deliberate humiliation).
  • Neither political party is interested in anything but power for its own sake.
  • Neither political party is interested in anything but power for its own sake.
  • I was going to put the presidential kill list in the above motif, but the unrestrained power to murder at will is seriously not funny. Democrats, imagine Bush with this power. The only way to keep it from anyone is to keep it from everyone.
  • That killed the joke, so here is an analysis of who would win if all 43 presidents were put in an arena for a knife fight to the death. I think the civil war vets, including the Official President of the EntirelyAlive Blog get a bum rap, but I also agree that Teddy and Jackson are the clear favorites. I think he also forgets how much harder life was in the 19th century. Sure the Bushes are hardy, outdoorsy types, and the modern day equivalents of some of the Gilded Age presidents, but I suspect that LBJ was the last one for whom "carrying water" was not a metaphorical term.

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