Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A thought on charity

With the silly hurricane in silly New York, the internet is ablaze with calls to send them aid via the red cross.

Nothing against the red cross, as they often do very good work, but the truth is that even after a hurricane the people of the Northeast will still be better off than most people in the world.

If tragedy moves you to give charity, I recommend the March of Dimes, the unofficial charity of Entirely Alive. Not only are they helping a tremendously vulnerable and completely helpless population, how many other charities have actually accomplished their goal and moved on to greater ambitions?

If that seems too disconnected to make you feel warm and fuzzy, then quit being a selfish twat and philanthropize to help people instead of to boost your ego.

That said, Doctors without Borders and the Against Malaria foundation both do good work.

The people helped by these charities will, even after your generous contribution, still lead more wretched lives than the most storm-wrecked Atlantic City slum-dweller, but that donation will go uncountably further to alleviate human suffering than will that same aid dollar in New Jersey.

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