Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A thought-- a terrible thought

Not watching the debate because I don't hate fun. But I had a thought:

Since this is a townhall format, they (whoever "they" is) should put in plants and schedule some genuinely inappropriate questions to see how the candidates react to unexpected occurances.

They should lead with a standard dumb question to get everyone relaxed. "Do you support politics as usual?" or some other inane BS.

They should then move to an ambiguous question. I recommend "What are you going to do about the homosexuals?" With the right delivery, that question could be taken either as a poorly worded but legitimate inquiry or as a homophobic outburst.

Once both candidates have had a chance to approach this uncertainty, the next question should be "The Jews are destroying this country," exclaimed by the most disreputable looking character they can find. The moderator will spend the next few minutes insisting that A) a question was asked and B) that the candidates are doing something wrong by not answering the question.

They should then move on to a completely legitimate question on a topic that neither candidate has prepared for. Something about the status of Indian reservations, Puerto Rican statehood, or the direct election of Senators, as examples. Both candidates will be aware of the issue, but seeing how they take a side in a legitimate controversy, especially after being shaken in the previous two questions, would be interesting.

*fantasy* Then they should bring in "special guest" Gary Johnson to stand and answer questions alongside the candidates *end fantasy*

Even better idea: They should then bring out "special guest" Some Random Person, no one famous and no one too articulate, to set up a third podium and answer questions alongside the two candidates. Sometimes he goes first: Do the candidates agree with him? how do they disagree? Sometimes he goes last: If the candidates are given the option to rebut, do they take it? Random Person would, of course, be a plant, with a combination of terrible and brilliant lines.

Then Obama should be asked, "don't you just hate Romney because he is a Mormon" and Romney should be asked "Don't you just hate Obama because he is black".

Then they should be punched in the face because, as politicians, they deserve it. Also, I think it would be interesting to see how they react to getting suddenly punched in the face. Do they fight back? Do they play it off? I assume they get at least a bit irked, especially after this setup, so how do the candidates get angry?

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