Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gary Johnson

Pre-Post Note: If you have never heard of Gary Johnson, here is his campaign bio. A more objective bio can be found on Wikipedia. A less comprehensive take to get a "feel" for Johnson is here, and a more comprehensive take is here. I would encourage you to look at at least one of these links before voting.

I have already ruled out Barack Obama and Mitt Romney as viable options for my vote.

Jill Stein is a Green Party Euro-socialist, and would probably consider that a complement. While she seems nice enough, I will not be voting for Jill Stein. At least she doesn't support the presidential kill list, though she does call the the "oil wars", so caveat emptor there.

The only other candidate on the ballot is Gary Johnson. This means that my options are voting for Gary Johnson, writing in Rutherford B. Hayes, or staying home.

Staying home is not really an option, because I will be voting during my lunch break, and we won't be busy on election day, so there is no real reason not to take a (slightly) longer lunch.

Since Hayes is dead, he isn't constitutionally eligible to be president, so that would be a wasted vote.

This means that Gary Johnson has a very low bar to get my vote. Fortunately, he exceeds that low standard.

Gary Johnson climbed Mount Everest. Gary Johnson was twice elected Governor of New Mexico where he balanced budgets, vetoed regulation, and lowered taxes. Gary Johnson opposes the war on drugs, the war in Iraq, the war in Libya, and, now that OBL is dead and Al-Qaeda scattered, the continued war in Afghanistan. Gary Johnson believes in free trade at home and abroad and the expansion of legal immigration. Gary Johnson opposes bailouts for the rich, crony capitalism, too big to fail, and the government ownership of private businesses. Gary Johnson opposes Obamacare. Gary Johnson has a track record of reducing Medicare expenditures and a real plan to make incremental reforms for the big three entitlements so that they don't go away and don't bankrupt the nation. Gary Johnson supports FEMA, commercial space travel, safety regulations, food labels, and large chunks of the American safety net. Gary Johnson has a hot bod. Gary Johnson opposes the presidential kill list.

Gary Johnson has a low bar this year to get my vote. He would exceed even a very high bar.

I will be voting for Gary Johnson for President next Tuesday around lunchtime.

I encourage you to do the same.

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