Friday, October 26, 2012

Mitt Romney is Not Good Enough

First off, Mitt Romney is not Satan. He is not Hitler. He has never, AFIAK, ordered the extra-judicial murder of an American Citizen. Mitt Romney is not immediately unacceptable.

Also, he has a record as a fairly competent administrator in both the private and public sectors. There is little doubt that he is capable of performing the tasks required of the American President.

Added bonuses: He is a Mormon, the most American of religions, and I think I would appreciate four years of writing about RMONEY, his alternate rapper persona.

Further, RMONEY talks a good game (for a Republican). The promises on his website are reasonably detailed (for campaign promises) and many of the notoriously unfortunate GOP positions, like the drug war, are completely missing.

This issue is not that RMONEY talks a good game, it is that he talks EVERY game. This is something widely known. We already know that we can't trust campaign promises. Obama promised a net spending cut, W promised a humble foreign policy, Bush SR promised no new taxes, FDR campaigned to cut government spending. After these (and countless more), I don't expect any politician to do what he says he is going to, but few have quite the record of stance shifting that RMONEY has.

That means I do not trust RMONEY to consistently nominate freedom-loving judges, nor to abolish the presidential kill list once he has it in his grubby fingers. He won't end the war on drugs, or indeed any war anywhere. He will not cut spending, except possibly in a few tiny areas to draw some headlines. Spending, already at historic highs, will continue to outpace the economy. He can't and won't do anything about gay people, abortion, voter IDs, or eminent domain. He hasn't been running for president the last six years because of any deeply held, articulable philosophy, but because he wants to be president.

While I would love to be not disappointed, I judge the likelyhood that Romney will fail to live up to those of his promises which are good to be astonishingly low, even for a mainstream politician.

At the heart of the issue, I simply do not believe that what this country needs right now (or, really, ever) is a go-along, get-along mainstream politician. Mitt Romney has not got a radical bone in his body, and in an era where suggesting that trillion dollar deficits spending is unsustainable, where state and federal governments take 28% of every dollar earned and spend 38% of every dollar spent, that is simply unacceptable.

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