Friday, October 26, 2012

This bothers me a whole lot

Holy hell, I just cannot escape the politics today, but this really, really bothers me.

In an otherwise mediocre account of the last decade's progressive movement comes this paragraph (emphasis added):
The progressives began replicating conservative institutions. For every Heritage Foundation, there would be a Center for American Progress. For every Fox News Channel, there would be an MSNBC. For every group of wealthy Republican donors, there would be a secretive, leftwing Democracy Alliance. For every Federalist Society bringing together conservative lawyers, there would be an American Constitution Society of liberal ones. The primary mission of all the money flowing through this network of activists, intellectuals, and publicists was to sponsor attacks on Bush, his administration, and his tax, social, judicial, and foreign policies. Half of Washington was organized around the principle of opposing one man. Bush was that despised by the left.
It is that word "secretive". Yes, the writer almost certainly believes that the conservative versions of these institutions are more correct, but the fundamental point he is getting at is that the progressives established equal and opposite institutions. And those institutions were, as institutions, equivalent to the conservative ones.

But then he goes and throws incendiary terms in the mix. I would not claim that DA is not secretive, but they are no more secretive than any other group of wealthy donors out there.

Partisanship makes me sad :( 

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