Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Yes, I voted, and yes, I voted for Gary Johnson. I ended up voting Libertarian for the entire top of the ticket even for the races I didn't care about. No Republicans until Barry Smitherman (and I didn't vote for the other Railroad Commission seat because the LP candidate was a joke and there was no way I could vote for Tom Craddick's wife).

My vote did not matter, but I still stood in line for an hour because it felt good and civic and patriotic and American and I would have felt terrible all day if I hadn't. I suspect it is rather like the American version of the English monarchy-- expensive and symbolic and generates lots of press, but has almost no significance to the day-to-day operations of government.

Still, it was mildly inspiring to see a multi-purpose room in some church hall filled with a cross section of America (or at least a cross section of the neighborhood- white and middle class) all there to display their love for our nation.

Anyway, if Gary Johnson doesn't win I am moving to Canada.

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