Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bus Stop Across The Road

Wrote a few of these on Reddit, but I don't own Reddit. I don't actually own this blog, either, as the Google RSS episode has taught us all, but at least I will be able to export all this before they shut it down.

Looking out the window, there is a moderately trafficked four lane road, and across the road is a grocery store. In front of the grocery store is a parking lot, and at the front of the parking lot, closest to the road, is parked an eighteen wheeler with a Doritos advertisement painted on the side.
There is a few foot drop from the parking lot to the road and at the base of the drop, along the sidewalk, is a bus stop. There are two people at the bus stop.
A woman, facing away from the road, wears skin tight khaki colored pants of indeterminate material and a just slightly looser than skin tight long sleeve salmon colored shirt made of similar material. She is gazing into the middle distance at the drop-off from the parking lot to the road, though her expression indicated that her mind was elsewhere and had Hitler himself shown up to start a genocide in her line of sight, it may well have gone unnoticed.
A man sat in the middle of the bench, his arms spread wide resting along the back of the bench, stretching the full length of the bench. His head was down and his face covered in shadow by the floppy brim of his faded blue hipster hat, also pulled down low. He wore blue jeans and a grey t-shirt mostly covered by a highly reflective yellow jacket. Not a safety jacket like construction workers would wear; it was an even brighter, more reflective hue and was made out of the sort of material you would expect from a light autumn jacket. He looked across the road at nothing.
Neither subject moved.
Then, around the corner came a middle aged man in a black long-sleeved t-shirt and dark jeans. The man in the yellow jacket tilted his head to observe out of the corner of his eye, not willing to commit to a full head turn. The middle aged man did not walk slowly, but it still took him a while to cover the distance to the bus stop from the corner. When he arrived the man in the yellow jacket, almost without being aware of it, pulled his shoulders up, brought his arms in, and shifted over to the left side of the bench, hunched a bit to the left over the small, metal armrest.
There they stood.
An eighteen wheeler with an advertisement for ReddyIce pulled up alongside the Doritos truck. The driver got out and walked into the the grocery store. No one made any attempt to unload or interact with either truck.
The man in the yellow jacket stood, reaching down between his legs as he did so. He produced a backpack from underneath the bench and swung it on to one shoulder. The he moved to face the other two, forming a little inward facing circle, and the three of them pulled out cell phones. They interacted with the cell phones, huddled around nothing. The two men completed their tasks in the same instant and put away their phones, moving up to the roadside to wait. A moment later the woman put her phone away and followed suit.
The three of them stood in a line by the roadside, eyes fixed passively forward, each with a relaxed stillness. There they stood for a minute or two. Then the bus arrived, and they all got on.
Across the road was a sidewalk. On the sidewalk was a metal sign, a metal bench, and a metal trash can. Behind these features are two trucks and a grocery store. There is no one waiting at the bus stop anymore.

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