Friday, March 22, 2013

Can't Prove a Negative

Let us begin by saying that if you base your life around subservience to a cruel and selfish deity on the basis that you "can't prove he doesn't exist" then you are a moron who deserves all the self-loathing and guilt that religion will bring.

Also, you are just wrong and God help me if I hear that defense one more time I am going to well I won't actually do anything because that would be inappropriate.

Religions (the notable ones, anyway) believe in a god interacting with the world and/or some sort of life after death, both of which are testable predictions.

If you cannot articulate a mechanism by which your god interacts with the world, then you are wrong to assume it exists.

If you cannot articulate how a soul interacts with a brain, a necessary task for a thing charged with storing and/or affecting your memories and personality, then you are wrong to assume it exists.

The first is, with very small and shrinking exceptions, completely ruled out by the modern understanding of physics.

The second is bafflingly implausible, largely inconsistent with known physics, and gets any wiggle room at all because we haven't yet mapped the whole of the human brain.

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