Sunday, March 24, 2013

Reason for the Season

The most intolerable empty defense of Christianity is the one I have a personal relationship with. When I was younger, so much younger than today, I was in Atlanta with my fundamentalist cousin and her evangelical boyfriend. Because they love me, they did not want me to spend an eternity suffering in hell (but because they both have day jobs, they don't travel the world evangelizing, which suggests that they are just fine with most of the people in the world suffering in hell, as long as they don't know them personally) and they attempted to show me the light of Christ. I pushed back, telling them it was an impossible fairy tale.

Then they told me that if the bible were false, and Christ was not resurrected, then how come his tomb was empty.

My response at the time was to stutter and stumble and confuse myself because I am neither articulate nor quick-witted. The proper response is "If the Lord of the Rings is fiction, how come Frodo only has nine fingers? Surely he would have all ten if he never went to Mordor."

Also, Google? Why don't you have Frodo or Mordor in your spell check? Google loses 10 nerd points.

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