Thursday, April 11, 2013

Right, enough of this.

So my one commenter was commenting about how glad he is I am writing again, but writing has never been enjoyable for me, it is just that the stories push against my mind until the disutility of not recording them exceeds the disutility of writing. Definitely a sub-optimal equillibrium. There will certainly be more posts as the years roll by, but nothing on any sort of regular basis. That last post about Peter Pan took me two whole weeks to get out, and it passed like a bloody stool though I do feel lighter now that it can be flushed down the metaphorical toilet of this blog.

I am trying a new project, one that may decrease my disutility of writing and compliment my other pasttimes. So far all I have is a web site, so expect a masturbatory purpose statement tomorrow and maybe the first of one actual post in time for the weekend, or simply ignore it.

1 comment:

  1. Hey, I said it was good for ME that you were writing again - whether it's good for YOU is entirely irrelevant. :)

    I remember Bob Dylan once saying something similar, though I can't find a source for the quote any more. A reporter asked him whether he felt groovy when he was writing, or something similar. He replied that, no, he played when he was feeling groovy. He wrote when he was feeling sick.