Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Estuary at Piney Point

Finally got to use my cell phone, though I can't take it outside. Here is the view from the window outside my dorm. That flat bit in the middle is the chesapeake, the bit on the far right is the Piney Point, and to the right of that is the Potomac. The main body of water is St. George's Creek, an utterly insignificant brackish waterway, reputed to be so full of jellyfish as to be unswimmable. The park is usually full of goose families with baby geese swarming (and pooping) everywhere). Click to embiggen.

Stepping outside and looking out at the flat bit of horizon is what keeps me going. I tell myself that I will be sailing out over that horizon, which isn't true because there is no working port on this waterway, but it feels good in any case.

It is my intention to have a photo of every port I dock in and every ship I step on. When we have lifeboat class next month, I am going to try to sneak a proper skyline style photo of the base.

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