Friday, August 15, 2014


I was on my way to write a post about how my whole itinerary has changed twice in the last two days, but on my way over here I got pulled back into the fishbowl and told that my itinerary has changed again. I am, as of now, shipping on the SS Who The Hell Knows, leaving at I-Don't-Know-Check-Back-On-Tuesday o'clock.

Seneca would say that nothing should be grasped until it is held in the hand. Buddha would say that even once a thing is had, it will someday end, causing suffering to those who grow too attached.

In any case, yesterday a real, live navy man came into the library, all decked out in the blue camo, spine straight and voice barking. He was looking for a buddy, but using all the discipline of the USN to do it and I suddenly realized that, no matter how shitty the ship they end up sticking me on, my quality of life is going to be way better than it would have been if the Navy had let me join up.

This weekend I think I will finally watch all of the Count of Monte Cristo TV show from a few years back. Also, this gives me more time to enjoy the sandwich bar they recently installed in the galley.

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