Saturday, August 30, 2014

Occupational Hazards

We had a standard 8 - 4 day today, and my roommate and I were sitting in the room watching TV (satellite provided by DirecTV). Specifically, we were watching Deep Impact, I with only one eye on the screen and one eye on my laptop, but roommate was getting really into it. We watch the first maybe two hours of a 2.5 hour movie when bosun comes in and says that we are going through the Soo locks tonight, and since the captain wasn't sure if the weather would permit or not (it did and was a beautiful night) we have no warning and have to get up right now to put the ship through. Now the locks are the lightest of light work for me and the other two GUDEs, but we still have to get up, leaving the TV on, and go put the ship through. We get up right when President Morgan Freeman announces that the plan to save the world has failed, and get back just as the credits are ending. I have forgotten how that movie ends and my roommate has never seen it, and it is eating him up.

Such are the hazards of life at sea.

Anyway, posting photos while I have a good connection. I keep thinking about the next post, but not writing it, so sorry about that.

Canadian side of the Soo locks. You can see a tour boat going into the lock to my left.

The tourist zoo. The stands are the glass structure.

Facing forward into Lake Superior. Everything really does look better when you can get pictures from the pilot house at the top of the ship.

Here is a sister ship, built identically to the Sam Laud, headed the opposite direction.

I saw the bouy while looking out my porthole one day and said to myself, "that would make a really artsy photo". My roommate asked me what in all of god's creation I was talking about and I just sort of mumbled nothing while taking this picture.

This evening it was so foggy you couldn't see the bow. I wish I had a picture from two mornings ago when I walked out to midship and could neither see the bow nor the house behind the fog.

I took a picture of the tourists taking pictures of me. The tourists seemed to enjoy it whenever the seamen engage with them and they shout all sorts of questions. Some day I will make the trip up here on my time off and heckle the ships as they go through.

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  1. For a moment, I thought "President Morgan Freeman" was a ship name and got confused. Oy.