Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Union Education at Piney Point

Union Indoctrination class ended today, test on Thursday. This is the first actually bad class I have had, partly because of the material designed to fool morons and leave everyone else no less ignorant than they walked in, but also because the instructor possesses a fantastic arrogance wholly unjustified by her demonstrated competency in the material. Today, she informed a student that he was "just wrong" about his ethnicity and told me to shut up because I was answering too many questions correctly.

On the first day we were asked to learn the names of the current union executive officers. None of us questioned this, because it seems like a reasonable topic for "Union Education" class. Today, however, we were informed that the reason we learned that is so that we can show these people "proper deference" if we happen to see them in a hiring hall, because "you wouldn't talk to an executive like you would a fellow seaman".

I considered tearing apart her history lecture, but the truth was that it was so content-less that there wasn't any point.

I don't really want to think about that class anymore, because it was terrible, frustrating, and bad for my blood pressure.

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