Tuesday, September 9, 2014


At American Steamship Company, good things happen to those who do good. Not even as a reward but just as a natural consequence of helping out the American Spirit, we took two holds worth of iron to Indiana Harbor, near Gary, IN at the south of Lake Michigan, at the southern end of the Chicago metroplex. Chicago is huge, which should not be news to anyone, but this ship has been travelling at full speed since leaving the port and the endless stream of tall buildings is still visible to starboard three hours later.
Sunset on Lake Michigan
As an added bonus, someone at the company decided that our heroism merited both a whole lot of pizza being delivered to the ship as well as buying all the NFL games on our satellite TV for the whole season. My roommate, and this seems to be a pattern with him, is unimpressed by Chicago, unable to eat most of the pizza for religious reasons (his sect is strictly vegitarian, not just halal), and has no interest in American football. He said they should have just paid us if they want to thank us, to which I muttered weakly that this just isn't the way you do it while thinking to myself that he made a good five or six hours of overtime at somewhere just under $30 an hour off the whole deal.

Sunset on a different day than the previous sunset.
In any case, I got to go over and help tie us off, taking lots of pictures (if you can't tell, I discovered firstly that my phone has a panoramic image function and secondly that it is hard to use when the boat is rolling and heaving even a little bit) all the while, but missed most of the fun. You see, the bosun decided yesterday that his room needed to be repainted, so he went down into the paint locker and repainted it himself in his free time.

Normal photo of the port
Just kidding, he tasked the apprentice and GUDEs with painting it, and is an extremely keen eye since it is his room we are painting (he works this ship as a regular post, so probably sleeps in that bunk more nights than his bed at home). Which means that after tieing off, I went back to spend the day inside the windowless bathroom while the GUDEs got to do an easy unloading and play around in the cargo hold. One of the ABs and I have a running joke that people pay money to do a lot of the things we get paid to do, and certainly spending a few hours huffing paint is something lots of other people do recreationally.
Panoramas of the port. Click to make them bigger.
I swear that a ship in rough waters can pitch and roll and heave, but when the door to a room full of fresh paint closes while your back is turned, the ship can start moving in a whole other direction real quick. Lesson learned: wear a damn filter mask next time.

Anyway, I have been taking more pictures, and I think the panoramas in the harbor (where the water was calmer) came out pretty nice, so I might try that some more.

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