Thursday, September 25, 2014

Photo Dump

Images seem to be working again, so here are some photos that should have gone in the last few posts.

When we unload, there is always a designated dock agent there to meet us and to supervise unloading. They are always in an American made truck and when they just sit there in the middle of a rocky road surrounded by industrial mountains it looks like a living truck advertisement.

I already posted refueling from a station, so here is refueling from a truck. Two trucks is considered just topping up the tanks.

When we load, the boom has to be moved out of the way so the loaders can reach the aft cargo holds. Today the water was so still that it reflected perfectly on the water.

Deck crew doing what they do best.

A view of the ship as I go off on my first shore leave. It was a relief to see it still there when I got back. The trucks and trailers are the dive team that inspected the stern thruster.

A coal loader. Probably the coolest and most advanced loader I have seen.

Green Bay. It really is green.
The entrance to the river. If you keep going you can see Lambeau field. I didn't get to keep going.

One thing we have a surplus of is beautiful days.

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