Wednesday, October 1, 2014

An $80 Education

Checked my email this morning and found a dividend notice from etrade. The SA didnt know what dividends were, so I explained it and he seemed pretty excited. He seemed to think that the omly way to save money was in CDs or under the mattress, so I hope I have encoraged him to spend a bit less on strippers and booze and a bit more on saving.

In any case, the dividend was $80- not bad, but not a great yeild either. Still, it is going to be hard to get that 80 out of my head when I do overtime, because that was 10 hours I got right there for doing nothing.

Unrelated note: check out this photo. There is a cluster of pipelines in cleveland that run along the river, but one line has these little bows in it every 200 yards or so I guessed they were for isolation in an emergency, but no one knew for sure. Anyone out there know?


  1. I suspect that the pipeline bows are to accommodate thermal expansion. Any chance that it's an insulated steam line?

  2. That is correct, expansion and contraction.

    Just my 2 cents.

  3. They're to accommodate expansion and contraction of the pipeline. If you wanted isolation you would need a valve or something else to stop the flow in the line.