Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Liberty Eagle

First day aboard my first saltwater vessel. There is something undeniably attractive about working on a ship named the Liberty Eagle. My Patriotism will be unquestionable for the next four months.

The very first thing said to me as I climbed aboard was the captain saying, "Weren't you supposed to show up tommorow?" but I arrived when the office told me to, so it all sorted out in the end.

I have only my single previous ship to compare it to, and it is in general function not wholly dissimilar to the Sam Laud. It is a bulker, meaning the whole of the front is given over to empty hold space, but the Eagle is a grain bulker, and the holds themselves are designed a bit differently to accomidate bulk foodstuffs. Specifically, capacity is some 60,000 cubic meters or 28,700 tons of cargo, and the ship itself is 190 meters long. This is, in industrial terms, kind of small, but still large enough to afford me my own room.

Since I was early, today is paperwork and a tour. The ship is of Japanese manufacture, and thus all the measurements are metric and the warning signs bilingual.

The eagle is preparing to leave in a few days after 2 months of layup. The word is that we will hop over to Galveston to pick up a partial load of grain, then sail up the mississippi to get a load of soybeans, then sail through the panama canal to drop off the grain on a pacific port of Nicaragua and then the soybeans in Honduras (Edit: not costa rica). The plan at that point depends on market conditions and could see the next update coming from any of the three American coastlines.

Updates will be infrequent, probably one each time I hit a US port.


  1. Why was the wait from the end of Phase II to Phase III, and of course Phase III to your entry level gig so long? I'm curious since I start the apprenticeship in August.

  2. Because Piney Point exists to fuck you over. Basically, what they tell you about how long the process takes is bullshit. Expect nothing less than 2 full years and only one job that pays real money between now and when you get your credentials released to you.

  3. I will finish 4th phase 13 months from the day I started... #justsayin

  4. I will finish 4th phase 13 months from the day I started... #justsayin