Friday, June 26, 2015

The Eagle has Landed

A 120 day trip got cut down to 38 days because the company ran out of contracts to ship aboard the Liberty Eagle. There is a rumor they might be picking up a load in three weeks, but until that time I have been sent back home. I took a shuttle with nine other crewmates into Houston, where I caught the 2 AM greyhound into Austin and arrived at my parent's house at 6 AM this morning, just in time to be unable to get any sleep because the sun rose. Oh well.

Photos are below and a travelogue is below that. Don't expect anything more from this blog until I catch my next ship.

An Eagle in Photos

I took 1079 pictures with my fancy new camera, and stole the contents of the ship's shared camera. Obviously, anything I post will be only a selection of photos. Out of respect for the bandwidth limited, everything is after the jump. As always, click the photo to make it bigger.

Liberty Eagle Travelogue

So I wrote a bunch of posts while out at sea, but obviously couldn't actually post them. Since if I were to post them seperately, they would all show up in reverse order, I am posting them all here as one megapost. It gets sort of long, so I put it after the jump. Photos are incoming.