Friday, June 26, 2015

The Eagle has Landed

A 120 day trip got cut down to 38 days because the company ran out of contracts to ship aboard the Liberty Eagle. There is a rumor they might be picking up a load in three weeks, but until that time I have been sent back home. I took a shuttle with nine other crewmates into Houston, where I caught the 2 AM greyhound into Austin and arrived at my parent's house at 6 AM this morning, just in time to be unable to get any sleep because the sun rose. Oh well.

Photos are below and a travelogue is below that. Don't expect anything more from this blog until I catch my next ship.


  1. Well grasshopper, you survived your first stint aboard ship. Quite a bit different than the Sam Laud wasn't it? All ships will be a different as they reflect the personalities aboard. I assumed getting ashore to experience the greater world around you was one of the things that helped draw you to this occupation. People are really not all that different around the whole. We are separated by the circumstance to which we live. Be thankful for what you have and keep an open mind.

    Going back into Piney Point's Apprentice Pool to ship out is not necessarily a bad thing. You need time to upgrade which this will help you do. Once out you will be sitting in a hall waiting for a job to come in even though B Books are better than C Books. Upgrade when you can, as often as you can, as it is the only way for opportunities to come your way.

    As always, just my 2 cents.

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  3. I binge read your entire blog it was engaging, humorous, and very relatable. I can totally resonate with your spiritual beliefs, personality, and background. I'm a traveler who has lived all over the world and am in the midst of a career transition. I recently completed a maritime careers program in Hawaii. I've also been accepted to SIU's entry program. So stoked! I really appreciate your well written blog I just wish there were more! Surely you've gone on another trip by now and if not what's going on with SIU? I'll be visiting my parents in Austin for a month before I go to SIU. Maybe we can meet up or at least exchange some emails if you're available? I'd love to ask you a few questions! You can reach me at


  4. I very much enjoyed your blog and insights. It has been very eye opening as I leave for the UA Program in less than three weeks. I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing to have a update of where your at now in the program! Hope all is well!

  5. Haven't seen anymore posta on this blog. You still waiting to catch another hitch, or didya wash out?

  6. Priscilla and Bart probably caught wind of it and threw him out...

    1. I take it they work for the school?

      If so, bummer. But are we really that surprised?