Monday, July 24, 2017

Am I dead?


Or, at least, not as I write this. As soon as hit "Post" things can change, and it would certainly be a shame if these were my last words, but I was Entirely Alive as of the timestamp on this post.

Nor have I, contrary to some speculation, quit shipping. My last post was from my fondly remembered trip on the Liberty Eagle, and after that was three awful weeks on the unhappy Presque Isle up on the lakes, from which I was saved only by layoffs during a shipyard. After that was four months on the Benard Fisher, a military contract that did not allow me to post my location (Korea and Saipan, both excellent places), after which I had fallen clear out of the habit of regular writing.

A return after that to miserable piney point and then to 130 really poor days on the Ocean Globe with my shiny new Oiler ticket. I may write up the tale of that voyage someday, or I may be better off pretending it never happened. A return after that to piney point for my QMED rating, and the first trip after that finds me here, sitting at a power plant in Tampa bay 4 months into a contract on the Texas Enterprise. I am set to get off at the end of the next run, which usually takes a week to go to the Mississippi river, load coal, then return to Tampa. Thishas definitely been the best ship I have worked, from the food to the pay to the (engine) crew and I find myself praying for delays on this final run to stretch out my contract, even as I find myself dreaming of the ease of sittin at home.

In any case, my life is good as usual. I don't expect that this will herald a return to blogging (though it might), I was simply reminded of this blog when Google sent a notice that it hasn't been able to process payment for this domain. Being at the end of a 4 month contract I am hardly short of money, but if I cannot resolve this in the next week or two it may be me that outlives the blog rather than the other way around.