Wednesday, September 18, 2019

I should write again

I haven't thought about this blog in a while. Ten dollars a year to keep it running seems like a fair deal for a bit of nostalgia. I skimmed through the archives a bit, and I have come a long way in life. From legislative analysis (which I am not sure is even in these archives) to random fiction to political complaining to travelogue, I am starting to think my life has had its fair share of twists and turns despite me recently relating to someone that I haven't really done much in life and don't get out often.

In any case, my on again off again passion for writing has been flaring up despite my lengthy to do list for when I get home next week. I am still sailing, having reached the vaunted rank of Qualified Man of the Engine Department and being only two trips away from qualifying for an officer's license. I am finally building the house I have been planning for years. Most of my passions were funneled into a warhammer hobby that reached full bloom right as a new passion stole my heart away. Juggling the house and love and warhammer and the daily business of life is difficult enough without me adding a responsibility for writing on a regular basis, but the truth is that I was already writing. I have two half-finished and utterly trashy Warhammer fan-fictions, and the recent call for submissions from the Black Library has made it even clearer in my mind that this is not a form of writing that is ever going to pay dividends.

And so I have decided to re-brand and re-open the blog. I give myself 50-50 odds of managing to post anything else after this. After all, 創業は易く守成は難し. The Buddha says, a careless pilgrim only scatters more widely the dust of his passing, or something like that. Actually, The Careless Pilgrim would be an excellent blog name, had I not already committed to Entirely Alive.

In any case, the new subtitle is going to be "The Positive Nihilist" and I will be writing to meditate on self improvement within my own peculiar philosophical system, as well as clarifying for myself precisely what that philosophical system is.

I hope the three spambots that follow me enjoy the ride.

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